Francesco Saverio Cavaliere

compagnia-francesco-cavaliere A freelance dancer and performer, Francesco Saverio Cavaliere graduated from Accademia Nazionale di Danza di Roma in 2012. During his classical and contemporary dance studies he was awarded with prestigious international recognitions such as, in 2010, the special mention “Fausto Maria Franchi” at Premio Roma. During the same year he received the prize “Premio Nazionale delle Arti – MIUR” as best performer and ranked third, in 2012, in the international competitions “Città di Spoleto” e “Città di Rieti”. Even before graduating, he performed as a soloist with the “Vancouver City Dance Theatre” managed by Roberta Baseggio. During his years at Accademia, he worked with the choreographers Adriana Borriello, Ismael Ivo, Wayne McGregor, Dino Verga, Ricky Bonavita, Michele Di Stefano. He then later began his collaboration with the Roman company MK managed by Michele Di Stefano, participating in the “Impressions d’Afrique” and “Robinson” productions. In 2013 he performed in “Mishima” by Ismael Ivo for the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia. In 2014 he worked with Compagnia Artemis Danza di Monica Casadei. In July 2015 he was amongst the performers/authors of “Dance Raids Feltre” for Operaestate Festival Veneto. In the same year he became a part of Balletto di Roma’s corps de ballet, participating in the creative process of the “TEFER” production by Itamar Serussi Sahar and in the summer performances of “Il lago dei cigni, ovvero Il Canto” by Fabrizio Monteverde.