Giulia Rossitto

giulia-rossittoClassical dance teacher

Following her diploma in classical and contemporary dance at the Teatro alla Scala Dance School in Milan under the supervision of Anna Maria Prina, Giulia Rossitto became part of Scala’s corps de ballet, managed by Frédéric Olivieri. Having been noticed by important choreographers such as Natalia Makarova and Pierre Lacotte, she performed right from the beginning as a soloist in the most important opera ballets of the repertoire. In 2006 she chose to focus on teaching ballet. She attended “Corso di perfezionamento insegnanti di repertorio classico” with Anita Magyari in Milan, Alidanza’s improvers seminar aimed for classical dance teacher, the improvers course for teachers with Bella Ratchinskaja (Rho). In 2008 she became a qualified second-level ballet teacher in Riccione. In 2010 she graduated with honours from Accademia del Teatro alla Scala’s “Corso biennale di formazione per insegnanti di danza classico-accademica”. During the 2011/2012 academic year, she worked as a teacher for Accademia del Teatro alla Scala in an international collaboration project with the National Foundation for Dance in Belgrade directed by Aja Jung. Guest teacher for exam commissions and ballet, en point and repertoire internship programmes, since 2012 she has been working as a classical dance teacher for the School of Balletto di Roma managed by Paola Jorio.