Luciano Carratoni

President and Managing Director

CV Multifaceted musician as well as teacher at Conservatorio di Musica “Santa Cecilia” in Rome, Luciano Carratoni has always been an active cultural operator within the field of live performing arts. In 1980, following his graduation from the same Conservatory in which he still teaches today, he began a brilliant professional career that has brought him to work with many important orchestras, such as Accademia di Santa Cecilia, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Orchestra Sinfonica della Rai and with many other Italian jazz and classical ensembles. From 1986 to 1991 he founded his own musical production company and began his collaboration with the networks of the Mediaset group as well as important cinematographic productions. Between 1992 and 1998 he planned and organised many festivals and expositions in different Italian regions on behalf of both public and private entities, such as: “Incontri Sotto le Stelle” (1992-1996) in Comune di Capena, “Festival delle Rocche” (1995-2000) Comuni Media Valle del Tevere, “Gaeta Festival” (1995-2000) Comune di Gaeta, “Bovilletnica” (1997-2000) Comune di Boville Ernica, “Immagine in Movimento” (1997-2001) Comune di Ferentino, “La terra del mito” (1995-2005) Comune di Alatri, “Invito alla danza” (1996-2000) Comune di Roma, “Feronia Festival” (2001-2008) Comune di Capena for Regione Lazio and also “Chietincontri”, “Tagliacozzo jazz”, “Roccaraso Estate”, “Estate a Pescasseroli” for the EPT of L’Aquila. Between 1993 and 2006 he took care of the production and distribution of more than 1500 music and dance performances, many of which involved international artists and companies: Universal Ballet (South Korea), Het National Ballet (Holland), Jòse Limòn Dance Company (USA), Nuevo Balletto Espagnol (Spain), Des end des (Spain), Alicia Alonso and Cuba’s National Ballet, Julio Bocca and Balletto Argentino, Charleroi Danses (Belgium), Bucarest National Ballet (Romania), Honved Group (Hungary), Josè Copes (Argentina), Eleonora Cassano and the Tangokinesis Company (Argentina). From 2009, together with other Roman artists and businessmen, he managed Teatro Cassia in Roma as MD. It is in particular within the dance field that Luciano Carratoni reached excellent and unique results in Italy: since 2000 he has been creating for Balletto di Roma a new artistic and managerial path that has led the company to become the first Italian private structure to produce dance performances as well as one of the most renowned ensembles with an audience of more than 500,000 people. In 2012 he founded in Rome the new headquarters and school of Balletto di Roma, an institution created for the training and the production of performances with specific constructive levels that allowed it to become one of the most important and forward-thinking dance structures of the Italian territory. Actively involved in the promotion of the Italian choreographic talent and in the spreading of a new and original production line of dance performances that will make them even more accessible both nationally and internationally, Luciano Carratoni is today at the forefront of the management of the highest quality Italian dance tradition.