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Cookie policy and purpose Balletto di Roma uses cookies for the sole purpose of tailoring web content and offering a more personalised service and improve your navigation experience. Balletto di Roma does not use cookies for the gathering, transmission or acquisition of personal information. Which cookies are used in Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are useful for the activation of a request on behalf of the user. For example, they are useful for retaining the users’ information and facilitating their future navigation. Functional cookies. These cookies allow the website to retain the users’ choices in order to facilitate its functionality. For example, functional cookies allow the website to retain the users’ specific settings. Analytic cookies>/strong>. These cookies allow the gathering of data regarding the use of the website by the users, including the pages visited during the navigation, in order to improve the website’s design and performance. They might be shared with our third party analysis providers such as Google©. They are however used exclusively for the purposes of our website. Targeting cookies. These cookies retain the information on the users’ use of the website in order to gain information for the website itself. Google Analytics cookies. The following cookies are used for this website: _ga : used to identify the users of the website; _gat: used for the analysis of the website’s navigation. What to do if you prefer not to allow cookies on your computer? For some people the idea that their computer or laptop might retain some information is an invasion of their privacy, especially if such information is retained and used by a third-party. If you prefer, you can block some or all the cookies or even erase the cookies that are already installed on your computer. However, it is important to be aware that by doing so there is the risk of losing a number of features. For this purpose, it is necessary to modify your browser’s privacy settings. Some external operators have developed instruments that allow you to avoid the gathering and use of your data. Third party cookies. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram might use cookies for the sharing of content on social networks or for the processing of access statistics. The presence, number and status of such cookies can depend upon the visitors’ use of the above-mentioned networks or during the visit to Balletto di Roma’s website. We invite the users to acknowledge the cookie policy of the social networks through their own websites.