Avviso Pubblico “Contributi per il sostegno dei processi di internazionalizzazione delle PMI del Lazio 2018” di cui alla Det. n. G01665 del 12/02/2018 – POR FESR LAZIO 2014 – 2020

Domanda di contributo prot. n.A0223-2018-21159 del 02/03/2018 codice CUP F85F19000240007
Contributo concesso € 20.370,00

Balletto di Roma has a history of over 50 years in the organization of live shows, which represent, together with training, the central element of its core business. In the last year, a collaborative relationship has been started with La Sapienza University and with some leading Italian companies for the study and development of products and processes for the digitization of content, communication and digital marketing as well as the production of interactive shows.
Through the Promodance project, Balletto di Roma intends to set up a business structuring process aimed at developing the export of its products to European and non-European markets.
In detail, the Promodance project aims to increase competitiveness as well as strengthen the company’s commercial capabilities on the foreign market, through a combined and joint series of actions:
• activation of a distribution network in foreign countries
• strengthening of the marketing and web marketing plan
• realization of incoming activities

The project intends to strengthen marketing and internationalization strategies. The foreign market has the right characteristics to accommodate artistic dance performances with innovative features, able to combine tradition, art and technological innovation. A format that focuses on artistic creativity thanks to technological and innovative supports that tend to explore new interactions between man and machine as a creative form.

The dance performances created by Balletto di Roma can be purchased from public and private entities present on the international market that are part of the theatrical distribution system supported by governmental and ministerial bodies, European and international local authorities and private entities, in a foreign market where, in the last year, Balletto di Roma have had a 30% increase in turnover in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland and Argentina.

• New potential buyers,
• an increase in sales of shows abroad
• an increase in web visits from foreign countries

Determination 15th February 2019, n. G01578 |POR FESR Lazio 2014-2020. Action 3.4.1 – “Export promotion projects for companies and their aggregate forms identified on a territorial or sectoral basis” sub-action: tools for the internationalization of the production system – priority axis 3 – competitiveness. Public call “grants for the support of the internationalization processes of Lazio 2018 SMEs” approved with determination 12nd February 2018 n. G01665 – an acknowledgement of the results of the evaluation commission granting the contribution – 2nd extract

Eligible Expenditure
€ 29.100,00

support granted
€ 20.370,00