Presentation of CLASH! Project eBook | November 14th, online

On November 14th, at 4.00 pm, the online presentation of the CLASH! eBook will be held on the official Vimeo channel: the event will see the participation of the team of researchers from La Sapienza University of Rome (Vito Di Bernardi, Letizia Gioia Monda and Luca Ruzza) who will talk with the representatives of two project partners: Ana Macara (Companhia De Dança de Almada) and Atanas Maev (Derida Dance Center). The presentation will take place in English.

To present the results of the practical researches led by the partners of the CLASH! Project – Balletto di Roma (IT), 420PEOPLE (CZ), Art Link Foundation representing Derida Dance Centre (BG), Companhia de Dança de Almada (PT), Polski Teatr Tanca (PL) and Sapienza University of Rome (IT), the CLASH! eBook was officially published in September 2020. It aims to continue the development of a Professional Empowerment Strategy and to face together the issues coming from the three-macro areas of the project: Dancer’s Training; Audience Development; Marketing and Communication. Furthermore, the Clash! International Festival program is getting more rich and fruitful to all stakeholders – from dancers and choreographers, through researchers and teachers, to common audience and institutional bodies.
The eBook represents an important result of the investigations performed in the last two years by the five dance companies involved in the initiative. It is an interdisciplinary product created by a team of scholars from the Sapienza University of Rome, project partner responsible for the articulation of the tacit knowledge from dance practice and its translation in a language accessible to a wide audience. Directed by Vito Di Bernardi (full professor of History of Dance), the team of scholars is composed by Luca Ruzza (professor of Graphic Electronic and Digital Arts) and Letizia Gioia Monda (adjunct professor of Digital Choreography).

The eBook was projected as a digital platform to combine written content with images and videos. It provides an open source tool for users to transversally explore the systems developed by the partners to put in dialogue several models of dance expressions, from classic to the contemporary.
The experimentations began from the application of the Clash! Professional Empowerment Strategy, a methodology elaborated by Vito Di Bernardi and Letizia Gioia Monda to lead the five dance companies to enquire into their own daily practices and face issues related to the Dancer’s Training, the Audience Development, the Marketing and Communication systems. Those strategies have been put into play along 16 Clash! National Seminars. The internal reports and the feedback from the participants at the seminars have been collected, analysed, and processed to become part of the eBook contents.
For any session, it is possible to compare the starting method with its variables, or rather the specific strategies developed by each partner on any single theme. By following the eBook structure, users are able to identify solutions or compare problems the partners recognized along their research paths. In the section “terminologies” a glossary of 10 keywords is proposed to help to contextualize how partners realized the Clash! between tradition and innovation in the dance field, and to examine the knowledge coming from this experience.
Edited by Letizia Gioia Monda, the eBook has been created thanks to the collaboration of the designer Natan Andrea Ruzza and of the videomaker Chiara Crupi.
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