Audition | Professional course of contemporary dance


Audizione Corso Professionale Danza Contemporanea

The time frame for auditioning to select the group of participants has been extended. Interested male and female dancers aged between 18 to 25 are invited to hand in their applications before October 15.


Who can join the auditions

Balletto di Roma, after the successful conclusion of the Three-Years Contemporary Dance Course directed by Roberto Casarotto (2015-2018), extend the term to apply for the new Two-Years Contemporary Dance Course 2018-2020, under the artistic direction of Francesca Magnini, with the supervision of Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten, open to male and female dancers aged between 18 to 25.

Throughout the audition those selected are going to be individuals that demonstrate excellent classical and contemporary bases, as well as the capacity to face a path of practical and theoretical study of high professional level aimed at combining a solid technique with the ability to articulate stage presence, reflecting on creative principles and interacting with different choreographers and teachers.

The Course of Professional Contemporary Dance offers two years of intense training to become prepared and receptive dancers to the many languages of dance and performance, which are today required by the contemporary dance scene. The guidelines of development for this program will be oriented towards mutually reinforcing classical techniques with contemporary ones, following the proposal of a vision strongly related to the artistic values developed by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. The teaching method called Double Skin / Double Mind will be introduced for the first time in Italy as the basis of the entire two-year training period. This method aims to train the sensitivity of the body through a system of physical preparation closely linked to imaginative thinking. In addition to forming the basis for the creation of choreographic materials, the direct experience of the DS/DM method aims to generate a condition of openness that can allow dancers to gain an open field of intervention, a physical and mental awareness in which intention and form overlap. It will be given an overview of the artistic work of the two choreographers, used to trace the guidelines of a path that recognizes the art of dance as the domain of a structured knowledge that remodels the present on tradition, directing it towards a creative dialogue with the future.
In the two academic years, the study path will embody various occasions for dialogue with different artists, university professors and experts working in different disciplines of contemporary arts, who will expose research on the choreography applied to innovative processes of creation and representation. The classes offered ensure the enrichment of skills necessary to make each dancer versatile, through a program in line with the best European academies, which is able to guarantee for each individual the development of personality, discipline, and artistic and intellectual dedication.

The Course of Professional Contemporary Dance takes place every year from November to June, for a total of 800 hours of lessons, from Monday to Friday.

The subjects of study of the first year will be referable to the following macro areas of reference: Body-Mind, Classical Technique, Contemporary Techniques, Double Skin/Double Mind, Pre-Choreographic Elements, Anatomy and Physiology, Choreology, Improvisation Techniques, Theory and Dance Pedagogy, Rhythmic, Vocal and Instrumental Practice for the contemporary dancer.