Balletto di Roma is a dance training and production centre that welcomes students coming from all over Italy, but not only, and ensures that they will follow an academic path of professional level. The Balletto di Roma Company has always promoted the production and diffusion of the Italian “auteur” dance in Europe and in the world, with a repertoire focused nowadays on innovation and research, though maintaining a strong attention to the history and tradition that have made it well-known.

Balletto di Roma was born in 1960 from the artistic partnership between two icons of the Italian dance: Franca Bartolomei, prima ballerina and choreographer of the main Italian and foreign Opera houses, and Walter Zappolini, Director of the Dance School of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma from 1973 to 1988.
During its 57 years of life, the Balletto di Roma has witnessed many prestigious collaborations and many creative souls, starting from the synergy developed between 2001 and 2007 with Cristina Bazzolini, artistic director of the prestigious Balletto di Toscana. New and original choreographies, signed by Italian artists already well-known in the contemporary dance scene of that time, marked the beginning of a renewed artistic activity from the 2001/2002 artistic season and, with the passing of time, the productive activity has grown both in terms of the quantity and of the quality of the staged works during the seasons, with a growing consensus of public. It is for the extraordinary of the events and for the remarkable and constant request that the Balletto di Roma presents every year its entire repertoire, enriched with the new productions. In October 2012 the Balletto di Roma opens new headquarters, in which the working experiences of the professionals employed in the numerous productions of the Company and the training activities of the new Balletto di Roma School melt together. The School is directed by Paola Jorio who, after having headed the Dance School of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma for 18 years, is back to train the young talents of the 21st century in the structure in which she sharpened her training as a dancer and as a teacher.

In 2015 Balletto di Roma announces an important change of the artistic management of the structure. Maestro Walter Zappolini leaves the artistic direction of the historic group and, coherently with the recent organizational and productive renewal of the company, the general manager Luciano Carrotoni entrusts the artistic direction of the Balletto di Roma to Roberto Casarotto, personality among the most interesting on the current national and international scene of the contemporary dance. Since that moment, the strengthening of the research planning and of the partnerships has allowed to conjugate at its best the tradition with the innovation and to develop the presence of the Company in Europe and in the world. With the passing of time, the Roman group has built an ensemble of elevated technical and interpretative level, producing a repertoire of high artistic value and welcoming numerous choreographers, also very young. The enhanced training activity of the renewed School of the Balletto di Roma – with a new seat, entirely devoted to KIDS – and of the Professional Course of Contemporary Dance is run with a growing attention to the choreographic languages of the present, with an eye on the profession and on the free artistic expression of the young dancers.